Animal Health

We have been involved in a number Animal Health and Marine Laboratories throughout the UK:.

Familiar with various levels of containment, and needs for sealife, cattle, rodents and poultry.

Marine Laboratory Tory, Aberdeen

Creation of Marine Laboratories offering design with rooms that can change from -5 oC to + 30 degC within 1 hour with stringent controlled temperature variation on vertical plane 1 degC over 1M using laminar flow techniques.

AHVLA Weybridge

AHVLA B269 Conversion from Home OfficeLicensed animal breeding facility to Category 3 (Home office) quality laboratories (Mice breeding and Testing facility.)
AHVLA B134a Feasibility, Design and costing (poultry).
AHVLA B150 Improvement to derogated Category 3 facility from Non Categorised Facility
AHVLA B269 Effluent treatment plant, feasibility inspection
AHVLA Non Compliance and Plant surveys

DEFRA Starcross

Improvements from Category 2 to Category 3 Laboratories, Cattle and Sheep, survey, feasibility costing and reporting.

DEFRA CEFAS Lowestoft (Radio Analytical Laboratories)

Commissioning of Ventilation Systems within partially refurbished Laboratories introduction of safety cabinets into refurbished plant.